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Facilitate the development of Fragments to display a set of content



      A very common use case when building a website or other types of web experiences is to display a collection of content. We believe that it's important to empower non-technical users to do this both for the simplest situations and also for the more advanced presentation requirements.

      This Epic seeks to address the cases with advanced presentation requirements. It follows the approach of supporting developers to create fragments that display collections of content, leaving the non-technical user the decision of which specific collection to choose when the fragments are added to a page. Developers will be able to use the full power of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to implement any desired advanced presentation needed.

      Some examples of components that could be developed are:

      • News-like list of content
      • Card-based list of content
      • Image gallery
      • Carousel
      • One main image with thumbnails to select the main image to display
      • etc.

      The fragment developer will be able to specify which type of content does the fragment support. This is useful so that the fragment code can know which fields will be available in each of the content of the collection. It's worth noting that while so far we have been referring to "Content", these fragments will be useful for displaying any type of information, not just content.

      When one of these fragments is added to a page, the user will be presented with a pop-up to select a collection that is compatible with the component. For example, if a component is able to show only blog entries, would trigger a selector for lists of blog entries. A more generic component could trigger a selector for any type of content.

       This Epic is complemented by LPS-98699, which allows displaying of collections of content by visually defining the presentation. Such method won't allow for the most advanced presentation need, but in exchange it doesn't require any development. The combination of LPS-98699 and this Epic provide the best of both worlds. Together they also provide a good alternative to the Asset Publisher widget, Liferay's traditional way of publishing lists of content. 





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