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Predefined values are not retrieved in case of nested fields in DDM



      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Set up a DXP 7.0 with the latest fix pack and start it.

      2. Go to Content Web Content and create a structure by adding the attached structure code in the "Source" then add a template to it.

      3. Go to Control Panel --> Configuration --> Instance Settings --> Miscellaneous (in master Localization) and set German language as the default.

      4. From the right side (Apps) add an Asset Publisher Portlet to the page.

      5. Go to the upper right of the portlet and click on "+" and add a content based on the structure as follows (notice that German is the default language):

      Title, Teaser, Headline and Content

      6. Add English translation with different Title, Teaser, Headline and Content.

      7. Switch back to German.

      Actual Result: The Title remained as it is for the German. However, Teaser, Headline and Content of the English translation overridden the German one.

      Expected Result: Each translation should have its own Title, Teaser, Headline and Content.

       7.0.x @ 445ecc31b2fe4daa2b253bb0dcbb4e0dad77414d

       7.1.x fc44b0e7249a1d328b674e8989c8e4170e68600b

       Master @ 912d7fabf61a8603d8ad67c716400ddda33b3cfb


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