• Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: No Longer Reproducible
    • Affects Version/s: 7.1.X
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Forms
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      Forms_7.3_3, Forms_7.3_4, Forms_7.3_5, Forms_7.3_6


      All the options dropdown should display its values based on its parent dropdown

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Go to the Catalog admin section

      2) Go to options

      3) Add options type

      a) Laptop Type

      b) Disk Type

      c) Processor

      4) Add the values for the option

      a) Add the values for option Laptop Type - Laptop and Ultrabook

      b) Add the values for Disk Type - HDD and SSD

      c) Add the values for Processor - I3, I5, I7, and I9

      5) Create a product XYZ Laptop

      6) Add the options and its values with the product

      7) Create 4 SKUs for the A Product

      a) HDDLAPTOPI3

      b) HDDLAPTOPI5

      c) SDDLAPTOPI7

      d) SDDLAPTOPI9

      8) Go to the product page

      Expected Result:

      Laptop Type - It will be automatically populated
      Disk Type - it will populate the value based on the "Laptop Type" dropdown.
      Processor- It will populate the values based on the "Disk Type" dropdown
      Actual Result: Without selecting the "Laptop Type" dropdown if I click on "Laptop Type" or "Processor" then the values are not populating the dropdowns.

      For more easy understanding, please find the below attached screen-recorded video link.

      Note: It appears that the population issue is caused by Commerce's custom DDMDataProvider not being called when all options are set to null.




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