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Display Page Template Mappings to <lfr-editable> fields in Page Fragment not saving when published



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a custom web content structure called "Article" with two text fields and a link to page field. Also create a custom template called "Article Template".
      2. Create 4 more custom web content templates called "Partial1", "Partial2", "Partial3", and "Partial4" with only a <p></p> tag in it. Set each of their structures to "Article."
      3. Create a new Page Fragment Collection called "Display Page Fragments"
      4. Create a page fragment named "Article Display Fragment" with four <lfr-editable type="rich-text"> fields, and one <lfr-editable type="image"> field. I have the following: 
        <lfr-editable id="article-header" type="rich-text">
         (Map this to the Article Header Web Content Template output)
        <lfr-editable id="author-photo" type="image">
         <img class="img-fluid" src="https://via.placeholder.com/200">
        <lfr-editable id="author-info" type="rich-text">
         (Map this to the Author Info Web Content Template output)
        <lfr-editable id="article-content" type="rich-text">
         (Map this to the Article content)
        <lfr-editable id="comments-link" type="rich-text">
         (Map this to the Article Comments Link Web Content Template output)
      5. Go to Site Builder > Pages > Display Page Templates and click + button. Name it "Article Display" > Save/Publish
      6. Go to Mapping⚡> Content Type - Web Content Article > Subtype - Article > Save
      7. Go to Section Builder > Display Page Fragments > Drag and drop the "Article Display Fragment" you created before over to the left
      8. Click on each editable rich-text field and map to each of the "Partial" templates we made before.
      9. Map the image field to the "Author Profile Image"
      10. Click Publish
      11. Click on title of the Display Page Template you just published to open for editing

      Expected Results
      The fields are all still mapped and are the color pink indicating that they are mapped.
      Actual Results
      Some of the fields are no longer mapped and now have a white background.


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