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Configurable URLs for content display pages (3)



      Currently when a content is shown through its associated display page template, the URL is automatically composed as follows:

      /{web | group}/{siteFriendlyURL}/{contentTypePrefix}/{contentFriendlyURL}

      Our goal is to give SEO experts the ability to customize how this URL is composed, to optimize the site’s SEO. While some parts of this URL will be mandatory, it should be possible to complement them with additional information which can be useful for search engines such as:

      • Creation/Publication date of the content
      • Categories or tags
      • Any other metadata of the content.

      The SEO expert would be able to configure the URLs from the SEO Console.

      Note: As part of this work, it should also be analyzed whether some of the mandatory parts can be removed. For example:

      • web | group: If the concept of public and private pages is re-designed, it could be possible to avoid a prefix for the default set of pages for a site.
      • siteFriendlyURL: Should not be necessary at any time for the main site of a virtual instance.
      • contentTypePrefix: If we can build a global registry of friendlyURLs, this prefix would no longer be necessary.




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