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Master Pages to customize common fragments across many site pages



      Currently, common page elements (headers, footers, …) for all or several pages of a site, must be defined at the theme level. This has several limitations:

      • Since themes must be deployed, system admin priviledges are required to make changes to the common elements.
      • Deployed themes are available for all Virtual Instances and sites. This is specially problematic in Multi-tenant SaaS environment since it’s not possible to make a theme available for some customers but not others.
      • Customization of the common page elements is very limited and depends on what the theme developer has created for each theme. This reduced reusability.

      The goal of master pages is to solve all these problems by providing a better solution for common elements that can be unique per site. Master pages would work in a similar way to how Master Slides work on presentation software such as Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides. For example, while editing a page, its common page elements will need to be edited from within the master page. It won’t be editable from each page, so that it’s obvious that the changes will impact many pages. It’s worth noting that master pages replace one of the features currently provided by theme templates (portal-normal, portal-pop-up, etc).


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