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Allow Marketers to create Collection Pages from a page tree or page admin




      A collection page is a page that is specially suited to display a collection (formally called "content set"), such as the one defined by a "Content Set". For example, a marketer could create a Collection Page for Success Stories, by leveraging a "Success Story" web content structure. Currently Marketers can use Asset Publisher widget to display a Collection (formerly Content Set), and to define the display could select a template that a developer has previously created. 

      With Collection Display fragment a non-technical users (Marketers and UX Designer) can now create the visual display of a collection but the Marketer cannot easily automate the creation neither track/visualize such collection pages (and related display pages) from the page admin or from the page tree.

      The goal of this Epic is to allow marketers to create, and visualize Collection Pages (incl. related display pages from collections) from the Page Admin and the page tree so that they have full visibility and control over Web Content display pages. The goal of this Epic is also to guide the Marketer through the usage of the collection display fragment especially when no Collection is created or there is not element collection items and a content author need to add an item to the collection.

      Example of Collection Pages:




      Selecting an existing collection of content (such as a Content Set) or creating a new one (for example all web content articles with a given structure)

      1. LPS-114174 - Create a collection page for an existing collection from the page admin
        • Note: Define behaviour when clicking on + button (selection of Page type/ add Template selection ) and what happens when clicking Page or Other Page -> we redirect to normal page creation flow.
      2. LPS-110183 Place and preview a display page for a web content anywhere in the page tree
        • Note: Using the "parent page" idea.
      3. LPS-111351 Create Collection (content set) of a given content type so that It can be used in a Collection Page
        • Note: Particular attention to Collection Variations impacts
      4. LPS-107774 Create a collection page from the page tree
        • Note: Split in 2 to have more granular implementation. Same flow as for Page Admin 
      5. LPS-107776 Create and add a new collection item directly from a collection page
      6. LPS-107775 Define a new Collection while I'm creating a collection page for it

      Add ability to create a Page with new way of doing it

      Have a (default) template selected as the foundation for displaying the list of content

      Use the page editor to customise the collection page. This includes:

      • LPS-98699 - Map the fields of the items in the collection to fields of a "Content Collection fragment" to define the presentation for the items in the collection
      • LPS-98582 - Use a fragment to display the collection
      • Add any desired additional fragments to display secondary content or visual decorations.





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