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Facilitate using and understanding Display Pages (3)



      Display Pages are one of the 4 key new features introduced by the Modern Site Building project and allow any Content to have their own page, accessible with a friendly URL. Display Pages are automatically created by combining a content with an associated Display Page template. 

      While this is a powerful feature, the feedback obtained from its adopters has shown that it is also difficult to use and understand. Some of the feedback Received is shown next:

      • If it's a page, why doesn't it appear in the hierarchy of pages for page administration?
      • How can I view the display page of a content?
      • etc.


      Some small improvements have already been made, such as providing a link from Web Content administration to view a content with its display page or making it the default behaviour for Asset Publisher to show a content's display page when the content is linked if there exists one. Also, in 7.1 the term "Display Page" was used not for the page itself for a specific content, but for the display page template. This has been corrected in 7.2

      Some additional ideas that have been proposed to help solve the difficulties with Display Pages are:

      • Allow the creation and management of Display Page Templates from within the administration application of each content type.
      • Merge "Display Page Templates" within "Page Templates"
      • Show all display pages along with manually created pages in the page hierarchy
      • Open Questions: Would they appear in the first level of pages? Would they have a level of their own? Would they appear as a new set of pages along with public and private?

      Our goal is to work with users and try these and further ideas until the usage of display pages becomes natural to most users.




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