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Share expiration does not trigger a reindex in the shared element


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 7.2.X, Master
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      As per LPS-83563, when a document is shared with an user, it becomes searchable for the user. Technically, this entails a modification in the search index for that document in order to update the list of userids which document is shared to.

      The regular process of adding/removing a share takes this into account, so document will be found/not found by the user accordingly.

      However, for shares having expiration date, logic is different. There is a periodic job in charge of deleting expired shared entries. This logic is not triggering the reindex, just invokes persistence. Therefore, an expired share of document d to user u will cause that u will still see d in the search results.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Have 2 users a and b
      2. Log in as a, create a document in the default site. Ensure you grant "owner" permissions, that is, only a can see it
      3. Checkpoint: search for document title in the search bar. Ensure that user b finds it, ensure user a does not.
      4. As user a share the document with user b. Set share expiration date for tomorrow
      5. Checkpoints:
        1. As user b, ensure that search returns the new document
        2. Check that SharingEntry DB table contains a new tuple
      6. Wait 1 day (alternatively: change system date)
      7. Checkpoint: ensure that  SharingEntry DB table does not contains the tuple


      User b no longer finds the document when searching


      User b still finds the document when searching




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