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As a marketer, I see the A/B test panel open when viewing a page on DXP from AC




      See Epic (LPS-87072) and Spike (LPS-95354) for general AB testing motivation.

      The purpose of an AB test is to find the page experience that maximizes a goal for a given audience, by comparing the performance of different experience variants during a time. 

      The AB test creation in Liferay involves both Liferay DXP and Analytics Cloud:

      • Liferay DXP provides the UI to create, configure and run/stop/complete the tests for a content page
      • Analytics Cloud gathers the test information and resolved the winner variant. It also contains some remote actions (e.g. run/stop/complete)

      As a result, navigation between the two products is required. More specifically, marketers must be able to navigate to DXP to see more details/operations of their test in the most seamless way possible.


      This story covers the support for URLs to open a content page with the AB test panel open and focused on a particular test. 

      This story does not cover Single-Sign-On (i.e. the mentioned URLs require the marketer to sign in to DXP at least once to work).


      • This story is not affected by any design

      Acceptance Criteria

      The AB test sidebar is open on a specific test

      • Given a test for a content page experience exists with a shared id between DXP and AC, and a user is logged into Liferay and has permissions to edit that content page
      • When the user navigates to the content page URL containing the segmentsExperimentKey parameter with the value of the test shared id
      • Then the AB test sidebar is shown and the details of the test corresponding to the shared id are shown


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