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Data Definition cannot be saved if optional properties are not filled



      The optional properties that need to fill out to allow the Data Definition to be saved are:

      • placeholder
      • predefined value
      • tooltip

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Download the Postman app
      2. In the app, click File > Import > Import File
      3. Choose the file: rest-openapi.yaml (liferay-portal/modules/apps/data-engine/data-engine-rest-impl)
      4. After importing, click on the 3 dots symbol from your collection.
      5. Click Edit > Authorization > Type > Basic Auth
      6. Fill username: test and password: test
      7. Click Edit > Variables
      8. Fill: VARIABLE with baseUrl, INITIAL VALUE and CURRENT VALUE with http://localhost:8080/o/data-engine/v1.0
      9. Click UPDATE
      10. Start tomcat (bundles/liferay-portal/tomcat/bin) on your terminal: ./catalina.sh run 
      11. After tomcat start, check the groupId (you can check by this SQL statement: select groupId from lportal.Group_ where friendlyURL = "/global"; )
      12. In the Postman, Open the Collection > Sites > {site Id} > data-definitions > post Site Data Definition
      13. In Params tab, search for Path Variables and fill the value column from the siteId with the returned value from step 11
      14. In Authorization tab, choose Type > Basic Auth (check the username/password)
      15. In Body tab, choose the 'raw' option and you will see a blank space for text.
      16. Write your Data Definition without setting the optional properties: placeholder/tooltip (a suggestion of one is attached - postSiteDataDefinition).
      17. Click Send button.
      18. The post-action response will show at the end of the page in the Body tab.
      19. Check if your properties are saved and the id property.

      Expected Result:

      The returned object is the same as the one sent. Optional properties should not block the save action.

      Actual Result:

      Error message




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