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LDAP user import interval granularity not configured as expected


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      Following LPS-98420 LDAPImportConfiguration.importInterval() property has two meanings, which is confusing.

      companyId=0 : This sets the minimum interval for imports. It is the minimum, because this is used to create a trigger which when fired will check all other company configurations and invoke an import if necessary.
      companyId Unable to render embedded object: File ( This sets a random (ish) not found.) interval between the minimum and the specified for the company. Rounded up to the next time calculated from start time and the minimum (k = k + minimum)

      It would better if all company configurations are taken into account when setting the trigger interval. i.e. find the highest common factor of the configured intervals and use that for the trigger

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Assert that LDAP import interval is set to 10 (the metatype default) in System Settings -> Authentication -> LDAP -> Import Interval.
      2. Change the LDAP import interval to 2 in Instance Settings -> Authentication -> LDAP -> Import Interval.
      3. Check if the scheduler is triggered after 2 minutes.

      Expected behavior: The scheduler is triggered after 2 minutes. 
      Actual behavior: The scheduler is not triggered after 2 minutes. It gets triggered after 10 minutes which is the starting default value.  In order to trigger the new value, you must set the system (i.e. companyId=0) configuration to a factor of 2 also. i.e. 1 or 2.




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