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Search Tuning: Result Rankings (Phase 2)



      Result Rankings allows search administrators to custom tune the result relevancy for a given query using a graphical UI. Result Rankings features three main capabilities to manually tune relevancy:

      1. Results for a query can be pinned and ordered at the top of the list. If the desired document is not in the original result list, it can be manually added. This allows users to promote high-value results.
      2. Results can be hidden from the result list. This capability can be used to manually remove results that are stale or irrelevant.
      3. Aliases apply the same custom pinned and hidden results to alternate search queries. For example, if a result ranking is created with pinned and hidden results for the query "digital experience platform", adding the aliases "portal" and "dxp" will apply the same pinned and hidden results.

      Summary of Phase 2 Changes: TBA


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