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Search Tuning: Result Rankings minor UI fixes



      Minor UI Fixes
      1.1.a iframe appears left justified
      1.1.b delete icon in mgmt bar when multi-selecting is incorrect
      1.1.c Clicking the Cancel button in a Result Ranking edit form doesn’t do anything
      1.1.d “Publish” button. Reword to “Save”
      1.1.e Remove quotes from query within edit form.
      1.1.f “Results” label should be black
      1.1.g “Visible”/“Hidden” tabs should follow portal styling.
      1.1.1h Add text “Select Items” next to the select all checkbox.
      1.1.i “Add a Result” button. Reword to “Add Result”.
      1.1.j Remove columns: “Date Created”, “Date Modified”, “Status”
      1.1.k Add a new column for aliases (separate from query).
      1.1.l Change column “Search Term/Aliases” to “Search Query”

      – Additional changes taken from these design specs –

      Within Result Rankings landing page:

      • Removed the "Index" column from the landing page table

      Within initial creation form:

      • Changed page name from "Result Rankings" to "New Ranking"
      • Removed "Enter a Search Term" title
      • Used labels instead of input field placeholders
      • Implemented form validation for the "Search Query" for empty fields
      • Added helper text for "Index Name" field

      Within result ranking edit form:

      • Page title changed from "Result Rankings" to "Customize Results"
      • Embedded alias multi select input field on the page instead of using a modal
      • Added "Query" label within a query edit form
      • Cancel button looks like a button now
      • Clicking the Pin button now immediately updates it to a crossed out pin icon without page refresh


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