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The source page is blank when adding timer to kaleo designer



      Reproduce steps:

      1. Go to the Kaleo Designer.
      2. Create a new definition.
      3. Add a task to the definition.
      4. Double click on the task.
      5. There should be a "Timers" option in the left column.
      6. Double click in the "Timers" input.
      7. There should appear an editor asking for name, description and duration, with a button behind the duration to add other durations.
      8. Enter "test timer" as name.
      9. Enter "test desc" as description.
      10. Enter a duration of 5 hours.
      11. Click in "Add section" behind "duration."
      12. Add another duration of 6 hours.
      13. *There should be a checkbox to mark the timer as blocking."
      14. Check on the blocking checkbox.
      15. There should be a select with the options "Action", "Notification" and "Reassignment."
      16. Select the option "Action."
      17. An editor asking for a name and a description of an action script should appear.
      18. Enter "action test" as its name.
      19. Enter "action desc" as its description.
      20. Enter "script test" in the script input.
      21. Click in "Save."
      22. Go to "Source (Kaleo XML").

      Expected result: The document should contain the following sub-element:

      		<name>timer test</name>
      		<description>timer desc</description>
      				<name>action test</name>
      				<description>action desc</description>
      				<script>script test</script>

      Actual result: The source page is blank.


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