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Facing issue in Permissions under Documents and Media



      Hello Support Team,

      We are facing following issue in Liferay system. Can you please check it out and let us know the best feasible solution for the same as we are in the process of implementation.

      Liferay Version: 7.1.2-ga3

      Issue Summary:

      For documents and media, we are trying to set the permissions but there is an issue with this section, we are not able to save the permissions or we are not able to view the correct/current permissions. All the time it shows the default selection when we visit the page. Please review the following steps for more information.

      Steps to Produce the Issue:

      1. Log in as Administrator of Liferay
      2. Navigate to Menu -> Users -> Roles -> Edit any role -> now navigate to second tab -> Define Permissions -> In this page review the left menu -> Under Site Administrator -> Open the Content section -> Now click on Documents and Media link
      3. Select or Deselect some permissions in this page and remember it or take a note of your permissions
      4. Press the Save button and visit any other page
      5. Now repeat step number 2 and visit the same page, it will not show you the permissions which you set. it shows the default permission all the time for all types of Roles.

      Please find attached screenshot of the page for which I have mention the above steps.





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