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      In basic content page review, we introduced the basic functionality needed to add comments to content pages with the goal of collaborate during the creation of the pages. But this capability was focused on being able to comment during the edition process. However, this might not be the case and users would want to provide colleagues access to pages to give comments without the possibility for editing the content.

      For this scenario, we should allow adding comments to pages while being on a "review mode" where users cannot edit the original content.


      • Enter a review mode where it is possible to view content pages and add comments without being able to edit anything.
      • Have a specific action for request review, to be able to add any registered user so they can add comments
        • Reuse sharing framework.
        • The user will receive a notification and will be able to access the content page in review mode
        • Action from the control panel to review pages.
      • Possibility to mention users
        • users that do not have permissions on the page, will be able to request permissions (user could provide edit or review access to the page)
      • Manage long review comments. Opening the possibility to review to more people, increases the changes for having more comments over a page, and for them to be longer. This makes it more interesting to provide ways to make them more compact so the reader has a grasp of what the comment is about without having to read it through.





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