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When staging is enabled, problems with web content email notifications



      When subscribing to email notifications for changes to Web Content assets via the subscribe star (found when navigating to [Site_Administration] > Content > Web Content > "i"), the sent emails do not include any information for the ARTICLE_CONTENT and ARTICLE_DIFFS Freemarker variables for the assets in the Live site when staging is enabled.

      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Start a sample mail server, and connect it to a bundle (go to Control Panel > Configuration > Server Settings > Mail to configure the port)
      2. Launch the bundle, create a test site “Subscribe Site,” enable Staging for the site (leaving the default settings)
      3. Create a user "Admin User," give him the Administrator Role, and assign him to the Subscribe Site
      4. Sign out, sign in as Admin User, and navigate to [Subscribe_Site_Administration] > Content > Web Content > "i", then click the “Subscribe” star in the top right once on the Staging site, and once on the Live site
      5. Sign out and sign back in as the primary admin account
      6. Create a new Basic Web Content “Test Asset” (on the Subscribe Site) with some text in the Content section, click publish (generating the Staged Site “Article Added” email)
      7. Edit the "Test Asset" and click publish (generating the Staged Site “Article Updated” email)
      8. In the upper right of Web Content, select ⠇> Staging, then “Publish to Live”
        Expected Result: An "Article Added" and an "Article Updated" email is sent.
        Actual Result: An "Article Updated" email is sent, one for each version being published.
      9. Edit the “Test Asset” (I changed both the title and the content) in Site Administration > Content > Web Content, and click Publish (generating the Staged Site “Article Updated” email)
      10. Select ⠇> Staging, then “Publish to Live” a second time
        Expected Result: The "Article Updated" email contains the content and differences in the update.
        Actual Result: The "Article Updated" email do not include any information for the ARTICLE_CONTENT and ARTICLE_DIFFS Freemarker variables.


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