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Portlet - Drag and drop portlet to publish any article created within Liferay WCM on a portal page.

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug LPS-12836 Journal Include files was not found
  • Bug LPS-13734 Can't add <CDATA> Tag in the Web content.
  • Bug LPS-17825 JournalIndexer should not delete elements from index when they are flagged as expired or not visible.

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug LPS-42064 Yesterday 11:07 PM Recent selector show the default values of structures as articles
  • Regression Bug LPS-41012 Yesterday 10:47 PM While adding new Web Content, the content should not get loss if there is issue with Title.
  • Bug LPS-33532 Yesterday 10:29 PM Global journal structures doesn't appear in the "Add" menu in Journal portlet in Control Panel

Versions: Unreleased

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