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Portlet - Provides document management with Microsoft Office integration, backed by the Jackrabbit JSR-170 compliant repository.

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug LPS-13072 DLFileVersion title is only 75 characters long
  • Bug LPS-18070 Kaleo Workflow: Editting Document Library entries in review status generates errors
  • Bug LPS-18417 Document Library gives all search results a score of 0/5

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug LPS-45001 Yesterday 11:09 PM Document library is very slow.
  • Regression Bug LPS-33252 Yesterday 4:13 PM Alfresco - ConstraintViolationException after trying to move an edited document from the repository to the Home Folder
  • Bug LPS-28718 Yesterday 7:22 AM Cannot open documents in MS Office using IE9 64-bit

Versions: Unreleased

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