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Issues that may compromise the system or breaks a users trust (e.g. XSS).

Issues: Unresolved

  • Technical Task LPS-43547 Update OAuth Scribe's jar and change code to use new interfaces
  • Bug LPS-44516 Assign portal's preloaded data to a user different than the default user
  • Story LPS-44589 Security Tests for the most compromising Services

Issues: Updated recently

  • Regression Bug LPS-46114 Today 2:40 PM Created user sees duplicate Basic Web Content structure
  • Feature Request LPS-46208 Today 1:45 PM Provide an option to enable out-of-box single-use tokens to enhance browsing security
  • Bug LPS-45684 Today 11:18 AM SAML SP when IdP provides NameID with NameQualifier and/or SPNameQualifier in Response they should be sent in LogoutRequest

Versions: Unreleased

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