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The management of users in the system into roles, groups, communities, and organizations.

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug LPS-19705 Legacy Permission Conversion Not Working Correctly after Upgrading Liferay 5.2 SP3 to Liferay 6.0 SP1
  • Bug LPS-20049 User who has Add Entry permissison failed adding announcement entry
  • Bug LPS-44190 Can not assign permission to install apps to a role

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug LPS-45758 Yesterday 9:01 PM Impersonating a user hides the "Admin" and "My Sites" sections in the dockbar
  • Regression Bug LPS-43066 Yesterday 7:59 PM Image max size warning is incorrectly displaying overall files max size
  • Bug LPS-45565 Yesterday 7:42 PM Plugin portlet cannot be rendered in Control Panel

Versions: Unreleased

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