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6.1.10 EE GA1

  • 6.1.10 EE GA1



Issues resolved between 6.1.0 CE GA1 and 6.1.10 EE GA1

  • Due:17/Feb/12

Issues: Unresolved

  • Feature Request LPS-27189 Liferay's Solr schema.xml does have a URL field, even so it is not being used (URLs are not indexed) by the portal.
  • Feature Request LPS-28065 Rename "Copy Page" function to "Copy Portlets From Page" in 6.0 EE SP2

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug LPS-29378 16/May/14 File Attachments Are Being Deleted When Dynamic Data Lists Records are Deleted
  • Bug LPS-21768 21/Mar/14 Format Issue in Detail Template. Clicking Edit expands Settings columns
  • Bug LPS-21675 19/Mar/14 Kaleo Designer - De-select nodes and connectors when click in the canvas area