PUBLIC - Liferay Portal Community Edition

6.1.20 EE GA2



Issues resolved between 6.1.10 EE GA1 and 6.1.20 EE GA2

  • Due:31/Jul/12

Issues: Unresolved

  • Feature Request LPS-30180 Allow Password Algorithm property to be changed from SHA to BCRYPT with same portal instance and database
  • Feature Request LPS-31275 Improvement: ensure to logout a user when a user navigates away from the portal by typing another URL or clicking on a link that redirects him to another site
  • Feature Request LPS-32594 Ability to batch assign and approve Kaleo Workflow tasks

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug LPS-45646 Today 3:10 PM Data migration from hsql to SQL server fails
  • Bug LPS-25793 Yesterday 9:53 AM Memory jobs of scheduler are triggered by more than one nodes when using cluster at the same time, it should be triggered by one node.
  • Bug LPS-26631 Yesterday 9:53 AM Lucene cluster bootup needs explicit lock to guard the window time of switching store