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LRL Documentation not appearing in Google searches


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      First, this issue came up here (DM) re: two articles that Makoto published: https://liferay.slack.com/archives/D01D64EPW4W/p1643662755205629

      1. [Google search results - not finding articles published to LRL site in early December 2021]

      I've seen this in two example articles on Jan 13th:

      I don't know how long it takes for Google to index the LRL site, but I suspect time is not the issue because another dev article (with code sample) that was published the same date (Dec 3) by Aswin does appear on the Google search results via a simple, straightforward google search. (https://learn.liferay.com/commerce/latest/en/developer-guide/order-management/implementing-a-custom-order-status.html)

      I'm flagging this to you, because perhaps there is something happening that makes our articles not findable on google.
      Maybe there was some procedural misstep with your PR (TOC/nav/etc files)?

      Makoto: Yeah, I'm not sure why this happens...if we can figure it out, it will probably also unlock the Japanese docs too

      And then, James brought it up here re: Objects documentation: https://liferay.slack.com/archives/GJUNPP1M0/p1644528254865049

      2. [Difficult to find Objects documentation via Google search]

      "Russ just brought to my attention how hard it is to search for Liferay Objects documentation on Google. If you search "Liferay Learn Objects", none of the results are even close. The same is true if you search "site:learn.liferay.com Objects", which is usually pretty reliable."


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