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Instructions should be given for API key for new weather portlet hotfix



      The documentation on the website for the weather portlet and also the weather-portlet hotfix is currently missing some key information that clients may need to know. I'll go ahead and list everything that we should put down so clients can have a better understanding and expectation of the new hotfix for 6.1 GA1 and 6.0 SP2.

      1) Warning on hotfix page: On the Announcement page for the new hotfix and on the hotfix page itself, we'll need to let clients know that they are required to have the plugin itself and that the hotfix patches the plugin and is not a replacement for the weather portlet. Both the war file for the portlet and the hotfix are required for use. This also goes vice-versa for the weather portlet. I think that we should edit the weather portlet plugin page to reflect that it requires the brand new hotfix and probably adding a links to the respect hotfix/plugin would make sense so it saves time for them digging around.

      Note: The hotfix adds a new portlet.property that is required to be used with the weather portlet and it references it in different java files and the portlet.property. (We don't have to add this note, but this is the reason why we need to use both at the same time).

      2) The hotfix requires an API key from wordlweatheronline.com to be placed in the portlet.properties within the hotfix itself. I'll go ahead and list the steps on how to do this below:

      Here are steps to set up the weather portlet:
      1) Apply both fixpack and plugin
      2) Sign up for an API key at www.worldweatheronline.com
      3) Validate the key by checking your email.
      4) Open the hotfix zip file and place the weather API key within the portlet.properties file of the jdk6 or jdk5 folder depending on what version of Java is being run.




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