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CUSTOMIZING THE CONTROL MENU missing inevitable explanation.



      At customer's ticket, I tried to customize the control menu according to this document (https://dev.liferay.com/ja/develop/tutorials/-/knowledge_base/7-0/customizing-the-control-menu) and found out some inevitable information are missing. I tested against DXP SP4. Please find attached source code and jar file.

      Here is the steps to see how it overrides.

      1. Start up DXP SP4
      2. Put jp.co.sei.navigation.control.menu.web-1.0.0.jar into ${liferay_home}/deploy folder
      3. Confirm it's properly deployed (if it becomes Active) by typing "telnet localhost 11311"
      4. Log in the Liferay as Administrator (test@liferay.com)
      5. You'll see "THIS IS ADDED" and edit icon on the top right where you click to open right pane.

      You can't accomplish this just following the document. What missing are,

      1 You do need a portlet. The customization wasn't reflected without a portlet.

      We need to mention about that a portlet is necessary. So the following part

      Create a generic OSGi module using your favorite third party tool, or use Blade CLI.

      should be

      Create a mvc-portlet / portlet module using your favorite third party tool, or use Blade

      And you may want to configure
      so that the portlet is not appeared in the right pane.

      2 The information regarding to the differences between BaseJSPProductNavigationControlMenuEntry and BaseProductNavigationControlMenuEntry weren't clear.

      Reading the document, I could figure out you may need BaseJSPProductNavigationControlMenuEntry or BaseProductNavigationControlMenuEntry according to the requirement, but took a while to figure out how each method should be overridden for each case.

      You may not need to detailed description, but you may want dedicated information such as,

      1. When you extend BaseJSPProductNavigationControlMenuEntry and so on,
      2. When you extend BaseProductNavigationControlMenuEntry and so on




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