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Confusing toplevel navigation on dev.liferay.com


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      Looking at the top level navigation of https://dev.liferay.com, I can't help but be confused: I'm browsing Liferay documentation, but get to choose "Social Office" from that top navigation, while the different Liferay versions are covered through a select box. Once I've selected "Social Office", the select box changes and I can choose the different versions of Social Office. And if I now click "Develop", I'm back at Liferay documentation for a particular version, and away from Social Office.

      Another less nice behavior is: Missing versions in one section transparently change the context to the most recent one. E.g. select "6.1" in "User & Admin" (https://dev.liferay.com/en/discover/portal/-/knowledge_base/6-1/what-is-liferay), then change over to "Deployment" to find yourself on 7.1. Now click "Admin Reference" to find yourself back on 6.1, without any hint that something in the context changed.

      Now, if you came from 6.1, it might be good that you came back to the original version that you were interested in, but if you happen to come from google, and just landed on a 6.1 page, clicked a bit further, now you might find that you're actually on 7.1 and read current information, but a few clicks might push you back to an old version.

      I can imagine different options - e.g. different headers, colors, markers to indicate the current context, more verbose than an innocent select box. I can't recommend any of them, just raise the awareness that the current navigation can be actively confusing (also given that the version number isn't always encoded in the URL)


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