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Child Page for Slim Service Packs Under Patching Liferay DXP



      This request comes from the team in Budapest.

      As we plan to release Slim Service Pack in the future, there is need for documentation as well.
      Therefore I made a list about the documentation needs.

      1. Documentation name: What is Slim Service Pack?
      Where? https://customer.liferay.com/documentation/7.1/deploy/-/official_documentation/deployment/patching-liferay - child article under Patching Liferay DXP

      We made the Service Packs slimmer.
      From now on, you can find two different Service Packs available.
      Beside the ordinary Service Pack you can find a Slim version. 
      What is the different?

      • The Slim version does not contain the PT backup file. You can find more information about the PT backup.zip in the SP4 wiki [here].
        Why is this useful?
      • Currently the SP is 800 M+ in size which is too big. SPs should have a similar size as the original release.
        To whom is this useful?
      • If you want to use it for demo or if you don't want to install a patch.
        If you want to install a patch, you need to download the PT backup from [here].
        Where do I know, which version do I use?
      • You can check in in the file name or you can check the size of the file.

      Don't worry, you still can use the ordinary version, just download the patch with the Patching Tool. It's only available for Tomcat for the time being.
      The previous method is still available, this option gives you only more flexibility.

      2. Using the Patching Tool
      Where? https://customer.liferay.com/documentation/7.1/deploy/-/official_documentation/deployment/patching-tool

      Please include the "The separate command" from the GROW article: https://grow.liferay.com/share/Slimmer+Service+Packs+Project

      3. Configuring the PT
      Where? https://customer.liferay.com/documentation/7.1/deploy/-/official_documentation/deployment/configuring-the-patching-tool

      Please include how to change from the slim version to the "ordinary one". The should be a link pointing to the What is Slim SP? page.

      4. Keeping up with FP & SPs

      Please include Slim SPs into the list.

      Please reach out if there are any questions. 




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