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Unlinkable content on dev.liferay.com


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      Note: Fields "Type of Documentation" and "Fix Version", which are both required, don't make much sense for this ticket. I'm choosing "User" and all unreleased (sic!) versions arbitrarily as they're required fields.

      I have big problems linking people to the documentation for ancient versions, required for upgrades.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Go to https://dev.liferay.com/, click "Documentation"
      • Select "6.0 or earlier"
        • Issue 1: Make sure to wait until the page is fully rendered, otherwise nothing will happen
      • Copy the resulting URL and open it in a new browser that doesn't have any cookies for liferay.com
        • Issue 2: The page that opens in the new browser is on 7.1. Thus, you can't give anyone the link to the older versions.
        • Issue 2a: I'm assuming that this will also make it hard to index the content, unless there's an alternative way to reach it
      • Back to the first browser: You're on "Developer Documentation for Liferay Portal 6.0 or earlier. The navigation on top doesn't highlight the current "Developer" page
        • Issue 3: I've almost missed that the other older documentation is there as well.
      • Click "Users & Admin" in the Navigation. You're now on the page linking the Administrator's Guides for 5.1 to 6.0
      • Again, share the URL with someone (or your secondary browser, after clearing cookies)
        • Issue 4: You're on "What is Liferay Portal", apparently for Liferay 7.1 according to the select box
        • Issue 5: Check the selectable versions in the select box: They only go back to 6.1 - there's no clue that older versions are available
        • Issue 6: Due to no marker in the secondary navigation, I don't know where I am - is this the "Users & Admin" section?


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