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To produce a working example of geolocation in use


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      Hi Team,

      We hope that you can assist with this request to produce a guided example on how to setup Liferay's geolocation feature. This would ideally be on how to 1.) set up the environment and 2.) add an actual geotagged element sample so it can be seen in use.

      Liferay Support received this ticket https://liferay-support.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/8264 requesting help to understand more about geolocation related to Elasticsearch.

      The customer tried hard but unsuccessfully himself to create a working example using (1) Liferay's online documentation and (2) information found in this forum.

      (1) https://dev.liferay.com/discover/portal/-/knowledge_base/7-1/geolocating-assets
      (2) https://community.liferay.com/forums/-/message_boards/message/98139815

      In an attempt to help, CS also tried to follow the guide but with a limited knowledge of this feature and its setup we reached out to an EE for guidance.

      EE ticket: https://liferay-support.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/8280

      The result being the EE felt there could be a bug in the implementation of

      IndexSearcherHelperUtil.search(searchContext, query);

      To continue on we raised a PTR: https://issues.liferay.com/browse/PTR-915

      On analysis of the sample scripts contained in the PTR, I've learned that due to missing code related to where the geolocation query is to look, is the reason why no results are returned.

      Prefix: We appreciate that this functionality and the scripting that drives it falls under customization, but even with the valuable input of EE/TS we still feel the various component parts need clearly laying out in a guided format.

      An example guide for customers may include:
      1.) How to geolocate an asset point by point:
      1.1.) setting/gathering the prerequisites
      1.2.) explanation on how prerequisites work together and their dependencies

      2.) Offer a basic sample groovy script that has a commented explanation of the code contained.
      This could be downloadable directly from the article or possibly have a sample selectable within the DXP UI.

      3.) Have an explanation on Elasticsearch 6 settings in Liferay DXP (which include server configurations) and what needs to be configured to enable geolocation.

      4.) Demonstrate how to run a sample confirmation test of the groovy script in ES/Kibana.

      5.) Have a Configuration Checklist - this wouldn't have to be as detailed as an actual step by step guide, simply a summary of each key component in the setup process.

      Please note in our Liferay documentation there is a Contents category which is not present in the DXP UI - see attached screenshot.

      Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. Please reach out if I can provide any further information or background.

      Jnr CSE
      Liferay Support APAC


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