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Marketplace: Hook plugins version compatibility


    The following text below is confusing for developers because it sounds like they need to create two hook plugins to accommodate for liferay portal versions (i.e.- 6.1.1+ and 6.1.20+:

    "If some plugins within your app must be built for multiple releases, ensure that the respective plugins have appropriate versioning information in them. For example: suppose your app consists of two plugins: a portlet and a hook. The portlet is simple, and uses standard API calls that work on all Liferay 6.1 releases. However, the hook is different for CE vs. EE because it takes advantage of some feature of EE.

    In this case, your portlet plugin would have liferay-versions=6.1.1+,6.1.20+, indicating that it is compatible with CE and EE. However, because the hook must be built against a different API for Liferay EE, you’d built two hook plugins. The first one would specify liferay-versions=6.1.1+ (indicating it works with CE GA2 and later, but not EE), and the second hook plugin would specify liferay-versions=6.1.20+ (indicating it works with EE GA2 and later, but not CE GA2). As you upload these plugins later on in this example, you will notice that they are grouped into separate packages of plugins for each supported release. In some cases, if a plugin is compatible with multiple releases, it will be automatically copied for use in all of the releases for which your app supports. Also, in some cases, if Marketplace cannot determine the appropriate package into which to place your plugin, it may reject it. For example, if you specified liferay-versions=1.0.0+, because you are confident your plugin works with any Liferay release, Marketplace likely will reject it as 1.0 is not a known Liferay release."

    It is okay for developers to specify a single hook for two different portal versions. Subsequently the developer should still be able to upload it into 1 app. Can we clarify in the dev. guide that it is okay for developers to specify a single hook for two different portal versions? Thanks team!




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