We have decided to rename the LES apps because Legal advised us that LES is "whitelisted" and so we don't need to mention Elasticsearch in the names of our offerings or products. We will still keep references to Elasticsearch when relevant, but we want to put the emphasis on Liferay Enterprise Search (and the relevant products) because that is what we sell. 


      Can you please rename the Liferay apps in the Official Docs for 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3?  

      • References to Elasticsearch products should stay the same (Elasticsearch, Marvel, Shield, X-Pack, etc)
      • References to the Liferay Connectors should change to the following: 
      Original Name New Name
      Liferay Connector to X-Pack Security [Elastic Stack 6.x] Liferay Enterprise Search Security
      Liferay Connector to X-Pack Monitoring [Elastic Stack 6.x] Liferay Enterprise Search Monitoring
      Liferay Connector to Elasticsearch Learning to Rank Liferay Enterprise Search Learning to Rank
      Liferay Cross-Cluster Replication for Elasticsearch Liferay Enterprise Search Cross-Cluster Replication


      (Please feel free to make any changes or rewrite!)


      A Liferay Enterprise Search (LES) subscription gets you additional features beyond what’s available out of the box with your Liferay DXP subscription. It includes

      • Liferay Enterprise Search Security Connector to use X-Pack Security*
      • Liferay Enterprise Search Monitoring Connector to use X-Pack Monitoring
      • Liferay Enterprise Search Learning to Rank
      • Liferay Enterprise Search Cross-Cluster Replication 

      *The security features are now available with the Liferay Connector to Elasticsearch 7 without a LES subscription. A LES subscription is not necessary if using Elasticsearch 7 via the Liferay Connector to Elasticsearch 7. X-Pack’s security features are bundled. Elasticsearch 7 bundles X-Pack’s security features, and Liferay has followed suit. Therefore, X-Pack security is bundled with the Liferay Connector to Elasticsearch 7, and no LES subscription is necessary. Because of this, the documentation for installing --X-Pack-- security on Liferay DXP has been moved from the LES documentation section to the Elasticsearch installation and configuration guide. See the LES compatibility matrix for more information.

      Liferay Enterprise Search utilizes Elastic X-Pack for -X-Pack is an Elasticsearch extension for- securing and monitoring Elasticsearch clusters. The LES security features allow users to authenticate of X-Pack include authenticating access to the Elasticsearch cluster’s data and encrypt-ing- Elasticsearch’s internal and external communications. These are necessary security features for most production systems. A LES subscription gets you access to two X-Pack Connectors if you’re using Elasticsearch 6: monitoring and security.

      Contact Liferay’s Sales department for more information on a Liferay Enterprise Search subscription.


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