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We need to emphazise that portlet data and related permissions are not propagated once the Site is created ussing Site Templates



      Taking a look into the User Guides:



      The section Propagating Changes from Site Templates to Sites says:

      "Site administrators can also add data to site template portlets. For example, site template administrators can add the Wiki portlet to a site template page and use the Wiki to create lots of articles. When a portal administrator creates a site from a site template, data is copied from the site template’s portlets to the site’s portlets. The preferences of the site’s portlets are updated with the IDs of the copied data. For example, if a site is created from a site template that has a Wiki portlet with lots of wiki articles, the wiki articles are copied from the site template’s scope to the site’s scope and site’s Wiki portlet is updated with the IDs of the copied wiki articles. Portlet data is only copied from a site template to a site when the site is first created; data is not copied copied during a site reset."

      Due to questions and problems that so many customers have with this feature we need to emphasize this section, may be, we can set a bold font-style to Portlet data is only copied from a site template to a site when the site is first created; data is not copied copied during a site reset. or add a paragraph with this line, emphasizing two facts:

      1. Portlet data is not propagated.

      2. Permissions and related resources with the portlet data are not propagated.

      Also, we can add one example: Message Boards Portlet.

      When the Site Template Admin creates Categories and configures permissions over the actions over this categories, the first time the Site is created the Categories (Portlet data) and related permissions are copied to the site, but if the Site Template Admin add, remove or delete some categories, this changes are not propagated. The same for changes about permissions over this categories.

      Please, it's important to make the change of the User Guide of 6.1 and 6.2.

      Let me know if you have any questions or you need more details.


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