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As a maven developer, I would like the liferay-maven-plugin to automatically handle m2e lifecycle mappings using the BuildContext API


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      Eclipse maven plugin (m2e) has a Eclipse build <-> Maven build lifecycle mapping concept. By default m2e wants to explicitly know how to build this lifecycle mappings so it will look for those mappings in ONE of the following places in this order. As soon as it finds one, it stops looking through the list.

      1. BuildContext API (provided by maven plugin)
      2. m2e LifeCycle API (provided by an eclipse plugin)
      3. Eclipse workspace preference (provided by Eclipse user)
      4. pom.xml setting (provided by maven developer)

      For users that install Liferay IDE they get #2 for free since our own LiferayIDE plugin uses the Lifecycle API and handles this. But for the rest of our Eclipse users that use liferay-maven-plugin they have to rely on 1,3,4. And 3 and 4 are pretty ugly (most people consider the code that is required to make this setting to be spam in their poms)

      Therefore I would like to see liferay-maven-plugin add support for #1 following this guide.

      Then all eclipse users whether or not they have Liferay IDE installed have the Eclipse<->Maven build lifecycle mapping questions answered transparently.

      Here is the reference for adopters: https://wiki.eclipse.org/M2E_compatible_maven_plugins




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