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Invalid assumptions in the liferay-maven plugin build.



      It seems that the assumption has been made that offerings will deploy portlets and extensions to liferay using the maven build itself. Unfortunately this assumption is incorrect...at least for our environment. We use maven to build our artifacts in development and then deploy those artifacts using other mechanisms in our different environments.

      For liferay 6.1.10 we were able to play with the different parameters that the plugin requires to allow us to direct-deploy into our target directories and then using the artifacts created there to deploy. Unfortunately with the new version of the plugin the assumption has gone even further expecting us to set application server directories up as part of the plugin which seems to even affect what the liferay-maven plugin injects into our web.xml.

      The immediate culprit is the appServerTldPortalDir setting in the maven plugin which seems to be injecting tld references into our portlet poms (even though we don't use jsps). As a result I am going to have to hijack the code and build a custom maven plugin or find a way to modify the property so that it will work properly.

      Through this, I am requesting that a direct deployment option is available but not mandatory. In maven we build the artifacts and then deploy those artifacts after the build and I would like the liferay-maven plugin to be built out to serve the build process rather than just the deployment process.



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