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      It would be very nice, if you have a Messenger App for Liferay like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. but with the synergy effect to existing sites and the possibility to access this informations also via Liferay Portal (Webbrowser) or Liferay Sync.

      What I mean is the following:

      1) UserA logs on to the messenger with his Liferay Account
      2) UserA sees his sites where he is assigned like Liferay Sync
      3) UserA can choose one of these sites and can write a message to all site members like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
      UserA can also send a Document via the Messenger to all Site members like Liferay Sync. (the Document should be uploaded to the Document Library of this Site, so you can also access this via the Webbrowser or Liferay Sync, if you logged in to Liferay via Webbrowser or Liferay Sync)
      4) The other site members should get a Push Notification on her smartphone, if desired , when UserA writes a message or upload a new Document to this Site (Group).
      It should behave as WhatsApp, that I will see the message and the document immediately if the other site members open the app.

      The great advantage over the competition would be, that I can also access the whole informations also via the Liferay Portal, or only the Documents via Liferay Sync.
      This would be also a great advantage for Social Office.
      I had a complete integration in all modules and can not only access this informations via the app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

      The options should work not only for sites but also for individual messages, so that I have this feature also if I wanted to write only one person directly.

      The communication goes more and more in this direction like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and it would be very nice, if you can do this also with Liferay, but with the big advantage that I can access this informations also via Liferay (Webbrowser), Liferay Sync (only the Documents), etc.




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