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Non-members of Open Sites can alter Wiki information



      Non-members of a Site in Social Office can visit a Site without joining, and edit their wiki; adding child pages, editing the front page, adding attachments, they can do it all.

      This is incongruous with a non-member being disabled from interacting with the rest of the site; they are unable to post in the forum, or add documents, media, or images to Documents, etc.

      The improvement that this ticket is proposing is that for users who are not a member of an open site (regardless of whether they have the SO role or not), they should not be able to edit/add content to the wiki page. We think that since Social Office heavily uses the wiki and user created sites, the effects of this impacts Social Office more obviously than it might on portal. You shouldn't allow non-members to add/edit content because they can potentially add malicious or false information to your site's wiki.




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