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      I am unable to fully delete a private message in my test of SO. I am using an April 9 usability testing preview build. When I delete a message it is removed from the message list. However, the message is not cleared from the notifications list and if I select the message in the notifications list I am able to view the full contents of the message. I would have expected an error message when I clicked on the message in the notification bar because the message was deleted. I guess there may be 2 issues here: 1) the fact that the message was not fully deleted and 2) the notification was not cleared after the message was gone. There was no error in the logs.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login as one user and send a private message to another user.
      2. Login as the second user.
      3. Access the message by going directly to the message portlet.
      4. Delete the message
      5. Notice that the message has been removed from the message list. Also notice that the notification list still shows the new message.
      6. Click on the message in the notification list.
        You will be taken directly to the message you deleted previously.


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