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Super Admin cannot view his own profile using Contacts Center or a direct URL if the profile has not been viewed


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      If the Super Admin has not yet viewed his own profile, his profile cannot be viewed from Contacts Center or using a direct URL.

      This issue also affects other regular users because they are also unable to view the Super Admin's profile from Contacts Center unless the profile has already been viewed.

      Here are the steps to reproduce the issue. All these steps are done while the user is logged in as the Super Admin:

      1. Go to Contacts Center. Make sure the profile page has not yet been viewed
      2. Click on the Super Admin's name (Test Test or Joe Bloggs)
      3. Click "Profile"
      4. The user will be taken to a "Not Found" page
      5. Type in the URL to the profile (either "localhost:8080/web/test/so/profile" or "localhost:8080/web/joebloggs/so/profile")
      6. The user will be taken to a "Not Found" page again
      7. Go to Dashboard
      8. Click on the Super Admin's name in the top left corner
      9. The profile will now be visible
      10. Repeat step 3 and step 5. In both cases, the profile can now be viewed.




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