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Clicking the themed Pages in Dashboard or a Site edits the text instead of navigating you to the clicked Page



      Currently, when a user is on a page in their Dashboard (Dashboard, Contacts Center, Microblogs, etc), clicking the text of the link edits it instead of loading the page. This is problematic, as the only way to use the button as a way to return to the root is to click the white space, which seems counter-intuitive. My tentative suggestion would be to add a small edit icon to the far right of the links and the white space when they are highlighted, and to leave the page names uneditable via clicking on the text, and leave them as full-featured links.

      This problem persists for any user's Dashboard, the Sites of Site Owners, and for any admin user. Some sample screenshots of the problem have been included, as well as a simple mock-up of what the suggestion might look like.


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