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Announcement Notifications continue to appear after a user marks it as read and then signs out


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      If a user is a member of a site and receives an announcement notification from the site, the user can mark the notification as read. However, the notification will come back as soon as the user signs out and signs back in.

      Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Add an SO user and add the user as a connection
      2. Create an open Social Office site
      3. Sign out and sign in as the new user
      4. Have the new user join the new site
      5. Sign out and sign in as the Super Admin
      6. Add an announcement to the site
      7. Sign out and sign in as the new user
      8. You will see the notification count is at 1 and there is a notification for the announcement
      9. Mark the notification as read
      10. The notification counter will return to 0
      11. Sign out and sign back in as the new user
      12. The notification counter will be at 1 again and the announcement notification will still be there


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