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As a SO user I am able to comment on assets when they are displayed in the activity feed


    Activity feeds provide a quick update and access on recent events to assets in the product. Currently, the user has to click through to the asset in order to participate in the conversation surrounding the asset. We will be improving this interaction, by allowing users to comment on the asset from the activities portlet itself as shown in the mockup on ticket SOS-1457.
    1) Whenever an asset allows commenting (such as blogs, wikis, calendar, tasks, documents), comments on the activity will translate to a comment on the asset.
    2) Activities related to forums will not allow comments - users will have to click through to the thread to leave a response.
    3) Commenting on an activity will "push" the activity to the top of the activity list and display the latest comment. Further comments to the activity will group (with latest comment displayed) over a period of time - e.g. "usera and 3 others commented on this blog". Once a certain period of time has elapsed between comments, adding another comment will create a new activity and restart the grouping process.
    1)We are grouping multiple document uploads into single Activities. Commenting on this activity type will not add comments to the individual documents. The comment will only appear in the activity feed. We need to make sure that this is not confusing to the user.
    2)Need to make sure that we are correctly handling comments that are left on single assets/activites, that later become grouped activities.
    Implementation for microblogs is handled a little differently and will be tracked through ticket SOS-1662.


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