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Users added to a site through an organization or user group should be displayed on the members page


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      Site membership is not inheriting to all members of an organization or user group when that organization or user group is added as a member of a site.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new organization "Eternal Perspectives"
      2. Create a new user "Randy Alcorn"
      3. Give the user the "Social Office" role
      4. Add the user "Randy Alcorn" to the organization "Eternal Perspectives"
      5. Create a new social office site "epm.org"
      6. Navigate to "epm.org"
      7. On the Dockbar select Manage > Site Memberships
      8. Add the organization "Eternal Perspectives" to the site and close the window
      9. Navigate to the "Members" page

      Notice that "Randy Alcorn" is not displayed even though he is a member of the organization "Eternal Perspectives", which is a member of "epm.org".
      Randy Alcorn also does not appear as a possible "Assignee" when creating a new task in the tasks portlet.

      The same problem results if you create a user group instead of an organization.

      It appears that this is an inheritance issue regarding how we are checking for site members.




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