Steps to Reproduce

      1. Apply Social Office portlets to a clean 6.1.20 Liferay
      2. Create 20+ sites in the SO, like 20 or 30 (in order to see the pagination in Sites Directory). Then make sure that your testing user is a member of those sites, when you've created them, this should be the case.
      3. Then on any page in SO, you should see SO Dockbar (if user has Social Office role assigned). From here, select Go To -> Sites Directory.
      4. Popup appears, with All Sites / My Sites / My Favorite. Here you can paginate using Previous / Next buttons in the popup.
      5. Use Next couple of times, e.g. twice, then click on the star next to some site, to make it your favorite (click on the star).
      6. Popup partially reloads (just the list of sites), but you are taken to the first page, while the site you've made your favorite in step #5 is still on page 2.

      Expected behavior is that you remain on that page.

      Reproduced on 6.1.x Social Office




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