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In a cluster the Private Messaging portlet might not display all messages within a thread



      When using the private messaging portlet, the following scenario occurs...
      After user A on server 1 has sent a message, user B on server 2 can reply but the reply will not be visible on either machine

      From machine 1 to 2 works
      Machine 1, user A: user sends new message to user B
      Machine 2, user B: user receives message and replies
      Machine 2, user B: sees his own reply
      Machine 1, user A: sees reply of user B
      From machine 2 to 1 does not show all messages in a thread
      Machine 2, user B: sends new message to user A
      Machine 1, user A: receives message and replies
      Machine 1, user A: reply is not shown (but message exists in DB)
      Machine 2, user B: reply is not shown (but message exists in DB)

      It seems this might be related to bugfix in http://svn.liferay.com/changelog/plugins/?cs=61703 where a compare of the creation date is changed to a check on message id. In a cluster it could be that Hibernate reserves indexes for the MBMessage table on each server, causing the check of the messageIds to fail since ids for server 2 might be lower that those of server 1 (or the other way around).

      Should the bugfix be reverted or fixed in another way (I'm not sure what the original bugfix is for)?




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