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As an SO user, I wish for an easier way to navigate through Social Office



      As a user in Social Office, I want to be able to easily navigate through the portal. Currently, while I'm in lets say "Site A" and I want to go back to my Dashboard, its an easy single click from the Dockbar. However, when I want to navigate to other pages within my personal site like the "Contacts" page, or "Messages" I have to visit my "Dashboard" page then proceed to navigate to the my intended destination.

      The same interaction goes for navigating to different sites. I'm able to navigate to different sites using the Sites Portlet, however, when currently in a site, I'm unable to quickly search for a site with a single click or two. These interactions make it difficult to navigate the portal as a regular user.

      I would like to propose a portlet that makes navigating through the portal more efficient.




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