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      1. Summary text shown doesn't show the context in which the search term was found. For example, I created a forum post where the content is all gibberish and at the end I write "this post is not about harry potter." I search for "harry potter" and the thread shows up as a search result but I can't see the actual context of the match (which reads "this post is not about harry potter"). If I had that context I can make a decision whether the thread is what I'm looking for without clicking into the result.

      I've also attached a google search for "ambiguous" which shows that when the text matches the search term they show the search term in the search result, in context (even when the search term is not part of the title).

      2. People results don't go to web/person/profile
      If I search for a person then click on their name, I see "You do not have the roles required to access this portlet"; I should be taken to their web/person/profile page.

      3. Documents download rather than taking you to Document view page. Let's have it go to the document view page.

      4. If I do a search within "this community" (which should be "this site, by the way), when I get to the results I think the drop down selection should stay on "this community."

      5. Also, the search box in the main screen should have a dropdown choice as well.

      6. Searching for documents using the "Everything" option does not return document results, but search in "This Community" does return results.

      7. Highlighting of search term matches seems to have revert back to being broken (this was fixed at some point).

      I have attached a screenshot with numbers corresponding to these issue numbers.


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