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Private Messaging portlet does not distinguish between sites and organizations when excluding set of users has been configured


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1 - Configure the private messaging portlet with this properties:


      For the default site "Liferay.com" the site name is "guest". This configuration means that all the users which belong to Liferay will be excluded in the dropdown list "To"

      2- Create a Site A
      3- Create a Site B
      4- Create an Organization (Organization CC)
      5- Create a user X and assign it to Site A, Liferay.com and Organization CC
      6- Create a user Y and assign it to Site B, Liferay.com and Organization CC
      7- Add Private messaging Portlet to the guest site so both users can see it
      8- Log in Liferay as user X, Click on "New Message" -> "To", note that user Y is displayed
      9- Log in Liferay as user Y, Click on "New Message" -> "To", note that user X is displayed

      Expected behavior: User X shouldn't find user Y in the recipient list and viceversa, since the recipient list is based on site membership and the default "Liferay" site (the only both X and Y are members of) is excluded.

      Current behavior: User X finds user Y in the recipient list and viceversa.

      Same test has been carried out with Chat portlet and My Sites Directory Portlet, which also include the feature to exclude users by site. In both of them user list does not contain users that are members of excluded sites, even if they belong to the same Organization.


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