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"LFR_ORGANIZATION" shows up behind the organization name in Social Office


    • Portal Fix Version/s:
      6.1.30 EE GA3, 6.1.20 EE GA2


      Steps to reproduce
      1. Deploy SO
      2. Add an organization in the Control Panel (in Users and Organizations > Add > Regular Organization)
      2a. Use 'test' and the organization name
      2b. In the right menu, under Organization Information, click on Organization Site.
      2c. Check 'Create Site' and under 'Public Pages', choose 'Community Site'
      2d. Make sure the 'Enable propagation...' is checked
      2e. Click Save
      2f. Go back to 'Users and Organizations' and assign the test user (current admin user) as a member of the organization (Actions > Assign Users)
      3. Once the organization has been created and the user assigned to the organization, go to the SO dashboard
      4. On the left site under the portal navigation, there will be a Sites portlet
      5. There will be a site with the name of the organization that was just created ('test')
      6. Click the star next to that site
      7. Hover over the 'Go to' menu and you'll see 'test LFR_ORGANIZATION'




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